So I have written about my ex-husband, Jeff, and his partner, Keith, in previous posts (and will continue to talk about them in many future posts, too) and I’m sure its pretty obvious by now that they are two very important people in my life. For this reason, I wanted to write a post about them so that you can better get to know them and to see how our MODERN FAMILY works.


Jeff is a funny and intelligent guy with a magnetic personality. Everyone who meets him is drawn to him and instantly wants to be his friend. Jeff is definitely not a “talker,” but I noticed a long time ago that when Jeff DOES talk, people stop and make a point to listen to him (he is too modest to admit to this, but it is true!). I think this is because he has that special way of looking at the world that is positive, sensible, and intelligent. People often leave conversations with him thinking about a topic in a whole new way.

Jeff is a dialectic – on the one hand, he is funny and interesting; on the other, he is calm and dependable. Its no wonder he is a successful lawyer – he is the guy you want to go to if you need something done because you can depend on him to get the job done right. I am always amazed at all the stuff he knows how to do – from home repairs to business-related problems to car repairs.

He adds so much to our family. He models persistence, patience, and compassion to the kids. He is a great example to the Son and Daughter of how hard work pays off in the end. They also see him doing his part every day in making our MODERN FAMILY work.


Keith is hands-down the most interesting man I have ever met – no lie!  He has both a passion for life and a passion for people that is intoxicating. He is inspiring in the sense that he doesn’t just talk about the things that interest him – he actually does them! From scuba diving all around the world to earning his master’s degree to cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles for AIDS/LIFECYCLE, he truly is someone who is always on the go.

What I really appreciate about Keith is his sweet personality and his loyalty to the people he loves. He makes friends people very easily, and once you become his friend, you are his friend for life. Keith is so great because he treats EVERYONE as a potential friend – even someone who randomly sits next to him on an airline flight (true story!). He is always coming up with special surprises for his friends, which makes them feel so special.

Since he has been a part of our MODERN FAMILY over the past several years, he has added so much depth to our family unit. He is a model to the Son and Daughter of what living out your passions is all about. I also appreciate that fact that he has shown us what it means to be a good friend.


(Disclaimer: Of course everyone in my family has their annoying qualities too, but I am too respectful of Jeff and Keith (and the Son and Daughter) to discuss them on this blog. So please don’t get the impression that I am trying to imply that my family is perfect – we aren’t! We do try very hard, though, to make our family work.)

Every family is uniquely different – mine is no different. I am not saying that every family should be like mine, but I am saying that every family can be a happy and functional one, NO MATTER WHAT THAT FAMILY LOOKS LIKE. If you are willing to do the hard work necessary, then you can work towards having your ideal family too.

I wanted to write this post not to brag about my family (well, maybe a little bit because I am very proud of my family), but to encourage other families to be great families too. My hope is that through sharing my experience of my MODERN FAMILY that I can encourage and help other families too.

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