Hello Modern Parents!

I hope you are enjoying your family on this holiday weekend. Three day weekends are a great excuse to put aside the stress from the work week and plan some fun things to do with the family – even if that is just BBQing in the backyard or catching a movie.

YOU need to take some time to recharge from the normal, everyday stress too – so try to find some time to yourself this holiday weekend to get inspired, informed, and ready to be the best parent you can be for your kids this next week. I hope you enjoy the articles that I’ve compiled for you this week.


~ Dr. Becca Ballinger


Improve Your Child’s Behavior By Acknowledging (And Changing) Your Parental Double Standard(s) | Parenting The Modern Family by Dr. Becca Ballinger. This week on the blog, I wrote about an actual case study from my clients that (hopefully) illustrates a bad habit that many parents too easily fall into. Do you expect your child to do what you say, but not what you do? I’ve also provided a free downloadable worksheet to help families change this ineffective habit into a more productive one.


Science Says Parents of Unsuccessful Kids Could Have These 9 Things in Common | Tech Insider by Megan Willett and Rebecca Harrington. This is a MUST READ article! I loved how it compiled 9 great psychological studies to show what behaviors and habits parents of successful kids intentionally use every day.


Is It Ever OK For a Kid To Quit an Activity? | Boston Globe by Katharine Whittemore and Jeff Wagenheim. Good advice on when to encourage your child to “tough it out” or to give up gracefully.


8 Tips For Parenting a Strong Willed Child | Crystal & Co by Alex McWhirter. he defiant and strong willed child is difficult and they are typically more emotionally driven and many times the only way their actions are expressed is through anger or aggressive behavior. This article provides some tips for a parents who want to parent their strong willed child in a respectful and effective manner.


5 Ways to Get Your Family Around the Dinner Table Again | Parenting by Brooke Griffin. Eating on the go or on the couch is more normal than not, here’s how to reboot and gather your family around the dinner table again.


They’ll Make Great Leaders And 5 Other Things You Should Know About Introverted Kids | Fatherly by Liz Newman. This informative article stresses that there is a lot parents need to know about raising their introverted children – but it starts by not assuming introversion is some kind of handicap.


Let’s Make a Deal: 7 Parenting Tips to Negotiating with Your Kids | How Does She? by Sara Watkins. Negotiating doesn’t necessarily mean giving in. It means that you give your child the opportunity to exercise his voice & mediate for his personal wants & needs. Here are some tips to feel successful at respecting both yourself AND your child when going through the negotiating process.

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