These resources are designed to help you be an effective and wise parent. They challenge you to re-think some of your parenting strategies so that you’re only using the strategies that work, and are throwing our the ones that don’t.


Better Decisions ThumbnailThe Ultimate Guide In Making Better Parenting Decisions

This workbook will help you uncover your personal passions, values, & beliefs so that you stop parenting aimlessly & start parenting using your personal values.


Anxious Child Thumbnail

Preparing Your Anxious Child For A New School Year: A Checklist

This checklist will help you set your anxious child up for a successful school year.


Positive Reinforcement Thumbnail

A Parent’s Guide To Successfully Using Positive Reinforcement

This resource serves as a “quick start” guide in using positive reinforcement with your child.


Continue Activity ThumbnailFamily Activity Decision Tree

This tip sheet was designed to help the parent evaluate whether or not current family activities strengthen the family or cause unnecessary stress.


10 Tips Communication Thumbnail

10 Tips To Communicate Respectfully, Even When You Disagree

This tip sheet gives the parent the tools to turn an argument with their child into an opportunity to teach an important life lesson.



Work/Life Balance 

The following free resources will help guide you in creating a work/life balance plan that allow you to always put your family first – while still succeeding in your career.


W-L Quiz ThumbnailWork/Life Balance Quiz

How well are you handling your work responsibilities and your family commitments? Take the quiz & get immediate answers.


Work-Life Tip Sheet ThumbnailWork/Life Harmony Tip Sheet

This tip sheet will help you create a balance between your work responsibilities and your family commitments. It includes 10 quick tips to jumpstart your work/life harmony.



Kids & Technology

The resources in this section are intended to help parents teach their kids smart & responsible technology use.


Social Media Thumbnail

Social Media Contract Between Parent & Child

This PDF download allows the parent to take control of the child’s social media use by communicating to the child the acceptable days, times, & websites.


Cell Phone Thumbnail

Cell Phone Contract Between Parent & Child

This PDF download allows the parent to set the rules for acceptable cell phone use. Just like the social media contract, this contract allows the parent to stipulate days, times, & data usage.


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