What a great time we had last night as a family! It is when my MODERN FAMILY comes together for fun, family, and food (with a little wine too!) that makes me feel as if this whole MODERN FAMILY thing is really going to work for us!

It was a night full of my favorite people – the Son and Daughter, Jeff and Keith (the ex-husband and his partner), and my sister and her three kids (ages 13, 11, and 9)! If only my mom had been staying with me this weekend, then the night would have been perfect! We laughed, played silly board games, and basically bonded as a family.


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Thank to Keith for figuring out how to make the Paninis on the new Panini grill! They were so good! My Sis brought over a fruit pizza that was PERFECTION!! My niece picked out great games for all of us to play – Head Bands, The Game of Things, and Bubble Talk – and we had such a great time.

My family might not look like a traditional family, but we are definitely doing something right when we can come together as a group to enjoy each other, support each other, and always look forward to seeing each other again.

I love these people!

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