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This page shares my best articles to read on topics like motivtaion, creating successful habits, and building close relationships with our kids. The central question that drives my work is, “How can we raise classically great kids in a modern world.” To answer that question, I like to write about science-based ways to solve Modern Parenting delimas.

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Why Being Good at a Hobby is So Important To Your Child’s Self-Esteem


The #1 Reason Why Today’s Young Adults Make Such Horrible Decisions

The 3 Most Important Elements That Research Says Creates Happy and Successful Kids


21 Possible Things To Say To Your Child When They Want To Quit

Why Teaching Your Child To Take Smart Risks When They Are Young Turns Them Into Successful Adults Who Stand Out From The Crowd Later


What Do Modern Parents Fear The Most?

The 5 Steps To Getting Your Child’s Behavior Back on Track


When You should Pay Your Child For Completing Chores (And When You Shouldn’t), According to Psychological Research

Reducing Your Child’s Anxiety The Smart Way: 4 Simple Steps That Really Work


Circling The Wagons: Shutting Out The Rest Of The World To Prioritize Your Family During A Crisis

Can You Teach Your Non-Artistic Child To Be Creative? Science Says Yes!


New Year, Old Behavior Problems: How To Change Your Child’s Behavior in 2017

Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Child’s Self-Motivation Skills From Developing?



Improve Your Child’s Behavior By Acknowledging (And Changing) Your Parental Double Standards


Low Frustration Tolerance: The #1 Reason Behind The Daily Homework Battles

What To Do When Your Current Discipline Strategy Stops Working


The #1 Reason That Keeps Parents From Being Consistent

The Secret To Changing Your Child’s Bad Attitude


My Personal Guidelines For Gaming In My Modern Family

New Study Finds That Kids Benefit From Playing Video Games


7 Mindshifts You Need To Make Today If You Are Parenting A Difficult Adolescent

How To Help Your Anxious Child Begin A New School Year


Are You Going Through A “Happiness Slump” With Your Parenting?

When A “Wait And See” Attitude Works Best


How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Child This Summer, Even If You Think You Don’t Have The Time

How to Tell Your Child That They Have to Spend the Summer With Your Ex


How To Handle End-of-School-Year Anxiety

How To Help Your Academically Struggling Child End The School Year on a Positive Note


How To Make Better Parenting Decisions

[VideoBlog] Stop Arguing With Your Child


The 5 Core Areas of Modern Parenting

How To Inspire Change


5 Steps To Follow To Help Your Family Go From Good To Great

The 4 Best Practices For Keeping Your Child Safe While Using Cell Phones and Social Media


Find More Fulfillment In Your Parenting By Making These 4 Simple Tweaks To Your Day

How To Eliminate Back Talk Forever



5 Immaterial Christmas Gifts That Instill Self-Esteem, Self-Reliance, and Competence

How To Handle Your Kid’s Holiday Entitlement So You Don’t Have To Be The Family That Cancels Christmas


The ABCs Of Modern Parenting

20 Ways You Can Regain Balance Back Into Your Family Life


6 Ways To Know That You Are A Good Parent (And 6 Ways You Can Improve)

The Underachieving Phenomenon


Common Problems With Motivation In Kids AND Their Solutions

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