“In today’s world, empathy equals success, and it’s what I call the Empathy Advantage that will give our children the edge they need to live meaningful, productive, and happy lives and thrive in a complex world.” – Michele Borba

Modern Parents want their kids to be successful, but at the same time, they want their kids to embody more than just academic success – they also want their kids to be good people on the inside too. Michele Borba, an educational psychologist and  author of UnSelfie, spent decades researching moral development in many different cultures all over the world. She believes that she has found the answer to teaching our Modern Kids how to be academically, socially, and personally successful.

The answer is empathy.

Modern Parents are bombarded every day with news stories of today’s youth acting in ways that demonstrate a weak moral character – and we want our kids to be better than this. Most Modern Parents that I come into contact with want their kids to have a happy life that includes close family bonds, enriching social relationships, and a rewarding career – but somehow we are missing the mark.

Perhaps in our effort to help our kids feel good about themselves and to become comfortable pursuing their individuality, we accidentally de-emphasized the all important character trait of empathy. This book will not only convince you to add more of a focus on empathy in your parenting repertoire, but it also gives you practical exercises, tips, and tricks on how to do this on a daily basis.


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Psychological research has shown over and over that the positive bond between parent and child is the foundation for future success and happiness for the child. Without this important structure created during childhood, future mental health, happiness, and career success are all put in jeopardy.


Bam. That statement sure puts a lot of pressure on the Modern Parent. If we don’t have a secure connection with our child, then research pretty much says that the consequences for our kids could mean anything from low self-esteem to problems with insecurity, anger, and depression.


As a Modern Parent myself, I feel so much pressure to have just the “right” relationship with my my son and daughter, but what exactly does that relationship look like?


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