Hi, I’m Becca Ballinger!

I’m a child psychologist and a Modern Parenting Expert.

My adventure with Modern Parenting started when I had my own son and daughter many years ago. Now, my son is 19 and attending college at USC and my daughter is 16 and enjoying her last few years of high school.

I first observed that there are specific challenges related to parenting today’s Modern Kids when I realized that I was having the same couple of conversation with my clients’ parents over and over again. These parents wanted actionable advice on problems such as how to help their child:

  • Become more motivated and independent
  • Manage the stress & anxiety forced upon them by demanding academic pressures and social expectations
  • Avoid stress and drama created by their peers on online social media sites.

In addition, today’s Modern Parents are more focused than ever on the quality of the relationship that they have with their child. When I talk to Modern Parents, they want to know how to:

  • Relate to their child, and feel like they have a good bond with them
  • Parent successfully in a family that doesn’t look like the classic traditional family.

Over the years, I’ve gathered lots of techniques that successfully address problems specific to raising classically great kids in a modern world and this is where I share those ideas. Not only do I rely on science to back up the techniques that I share with you, but I’ve also put those techniques to work in my own family – and I think I have 2 amazing kids because of those techniques (sorry! I know I’m probably kind of biased!).

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I’m available to:

  • Give workshops or presentations on Modern Parenting topics to groups
  • Work one-on-one with motivated Modern Parents who want help with a specific strategy
  • Give interviews to podcasters, radio hosts, and print publications.
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